The Difference between Hiring Freelancers and Design Companies

By January 31, 2018Blog/News

If your thinking what is the difference between hiring a freelancer and hiring a design company there are a few things you need to think about. Depending on the job or project you need done may depend on which way you should look to go. A lot of people think the freelancers and design comapnies are the same and think it is best to go with a freelancer as them may have a lower cost and that is far from reality. There are a few big differences between the two and we will look at them now.

Freelancers are Great

If your looking for so quick fixes or even some small changes freelancers are the way to go. But I will remind people that most freelancers focus on only one or two area of expertise. With that in mind some do have a broader knoweldge but they are still limited in the fact that there is only one of them. As a design company we often will hire freelancers to help with specific projects.

Design Company

When looking at a design company you will find that yes the pricing may be higher but there are a few reasons why. One reason is you are getting a team of experts to work on your project. Second is you will only need the one company to do all the work where with a freelancer you may need more than one for each field. A third reason could be for shorter time to finish. What I mean is when you have a company working on your project its most likely that you have one person working on say graphics while another is coding the back end. By doing this the time to get the work done will be much less than a freelancer doing it all.

So for a final thought I would tell you look at what all you need done, how long you have to get it done and what type of cost are you looking to spend. Once you have those things figured out you should be able to make a decision on whether yo should hire a freelancer or a design company.

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